Annual Payee Statement - A closer look


 Beginning in summer 2021, all APERS retirees and anyone else who receives a monthly benefit from APERS will be mailed an Annual Payee Statement.  The initial 2021 statements are being mailed around the 1st of July, but in succeeding years they will go out in June.  In addition to the mailed copy of your statement, there is a digital copy placed in your file that can be accessed on the Member Self-Service portal (MSS) on the Submit Forms/Documents screen.

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The MSS portal entrance is located at the top of the web page.  If you haven't registered for the portal, you will need to do that first.  If you have any problems with the registration, please contact APERS for assistance, or see this handy guide for instructions.


Reviewing Your Annual Payee Statement

If you are receiving monthly payments from APERS -- whether you are a retiree, beneficiary, or survivor -- you should receive an Annual Payee Statement in the mail each year.  It's VERY IMPORTANT that you carefully examine this document. It shows the information we have on file for you, information that determines how much we pay you, when, and for how long.  It also contains other important information as explained below.  If any of this is wrong, you need to know it, and you need to contact us about any discrepancies as soon as you are aware of them. If you see any information on your statement that seems incorrect, please call APERS at (501) 682-7800 or (800) 682-7377. 

This page has been created to assist you in reviewing your Annual Payee Statement. Below are illustrations and explanations for each segment of the document.  Note that the images are taken from a generic sample statement for fiscal 2021 and that your actual statement will contain figures pulled from your own individual account as of the end of the fiscal year noted on the statement.

Section1: Statement Header

The top of this two-page statement has an explanation of the document's purpose and intended recipients.  Below that is the name and address where the statement was mailed. Obviously, if you received it, we had a valid address for you.  However, this illustrates the importance of keeping APERS up to date on your contact information.  If you change your name, your address, or other contact information, you should notify APERS immediately so you don't miss important documents or other communications like this.



Section 2: Statement Information

This section indicates that the statement in your hands is based on the most recently completed fiscal year (rather than the calendar year), and reminds you to review all data closely.



Section 3: Personal Information

This section lists your unique APERS ID, your name, birth date, gender, address, and marital status, as well as your spouse’s information, if applicable. Just as with your contact information, it is extremely important that you notify APERS any time your marital status changes.  Note that you will need your APERS ID to register for access to the MSS portal on our website.



Section 4: Contribution Beneficiary Information

If you were ever a contributory member or you have purchased service, you have probably made contributions to the retirement system on your own behalf.  If so, you should have designated one or more contribution beneficiaries in case you die before APERS has repaid the full amount of those contributions through your retirement annuity.  This section will show the names of your beneficiaries as well as the percentage of your unpaid contributions each would receive. If you have never made employee contributions (as a non-contributory member) or purchased service, this section will show "N/A" in place of a beneficiary. Important: Note that your contribution beneficiaries will be listed even if you no longer have any eligible contributions to disburse. For example, if you have already received the total amount of your contributions as part of your monthly annuity, there is no money left to distribute to a beneficiary.



Section 5: Annuity Information

This section will describe the type of payments you are receiving.  It will show whether you are getting a pension for normal or early retirement or an annuity for disability retirement.  It will also indicate the benefit option you chose.  If that option allows for one or more beneficiaries, it will show the names of the beneficiaries and the percentage of the beneficiary annuity each is entitled to.



Section 6: Payment Information

Whereas the previous section indicates why you are receiving payments, this section describes how much you are receiving.  It shows what your monthly payments have been over the previous fiscal year (fiscal years run July 1 - June 30) and what your payments will be after you receive your yearly cost of living adjustment (COLA) on July 1 of the current year (the year listed on the statement).  As explained above, in most cases, you will probably receive these statements in June, before the "current" fiscal year has begun.



Section 7: Deduction Information

This section shows what deductions are being withheld from your annuity payments. For tax withholding, it will also show the exemptions you have claimed and any additional amounts or percentages you have asked to be withheld.  You may change these at any time through the MSS portal.



 Section 8: Member Self-Service Portal

This section points out that you can review or download a copy of all your payee statements on MSS.



Section 9: Reminders

This section will provide information that may be important for you given the type payments you are receiving.  For example, the information a disability payee will see here will probably be different from the reminders provided to a member in normal retirement.



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