As a member of APERS, do you ever wonder how your final retirement benefit will be calculated? While the calculations can get quite complex due to various factors, one thing that is guaranteed in any calculation is that the more service credit you have earned, the larger your benefit will be.

Each month you earn credit towards retirement based on the number of hours worked and service that you rendered in that calendar month. Service rendered can include time you were not physically present at work such as vacation, holiday, or sick leave.

You earn one month's worth of service credit if you have at least 80 hours of service in a month. Otherwise you receive partial credit for that month. For any months in which you have less than 80 hours of service, you earn partial credit based on the following schedule:


Each month, your employer reports to APERS the number of hours that you rendered for that month. We refer to this as "employer reported service." Your accumulated service credit will appear on your annual statement, which goes out each August.

Arkansas public employees retirement system

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