Depending on your status in the retirement system (such as whether you're vested, how long until retirement, etc.), you might qualify to attend an APERS Retirement Seminar once or more without having to use your personal leave time. 

(This article first appeared in the Winter 2012 Active Member Newsletter.)

According to a policy memorandum issued in 2007 by the Office of Personnel Management of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, attendance at retirement seminars conducted by APERS or Arkansas Teacher Retirement System (ATRS) will be treated the same as other employee benefit presentations, provided those attending have at least five years credited service in a state-sponsored retirement system. The memorandum specifies which categories of employees may attend, and how often, without using personal leave:

  • Any vested employee may attend a retirement seminar once every five years without using accrued leave.
  • Employees who are within five years of their retirement date may attend a retirement seminar once a year without using leave.
  • Employees who are within one year of retiring or entering the DROP may attend retirement seminars or scheduled sessions with APERS or ATRS retirement counselors without using leave.

The memorandum reminds employees that they must have the approval of their supervisors and that they should try to schedule attendance so their absence doesn’t hinder their agency.

You can download or view a PDF copy of the memorandum here.

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