(This article appeared in the Spring 2014 Active Newsletter)

APERS produces a variety of publications for members and interested parties. Both current and back issues of most publications are available for download in digital form on the “Publications” page. The digital publications are in PDF format and faithfully reproduce the color, layout, and illustrations of the printed originals. Below is a sample of what you will find in this comprehensive library.

APERS Member Handbooks 
When new employees first enter the System, they should receive a member handbook that explains general aspects of the retirement plan. Other than our website as a whole, these handbooks offer the most comprehensive guide to your membership.

The good news is that whenever you need a new copy, you can download the latest versions of the handbooks for both contributory and non-contributory members and previous versions as well. 

APERS Brochures 
APERS publishes a series of tri-fold color brochures, each devoted to a particular topic or feature of the retirement plan. You can download the brochures and learn more about - 

  • Retirement Benefit Options
  • Partial Annuity Withdrawal (PAW)
  • Early Retirement and Disability
  • and more!

APERS Newsletters 
The Publications page contains the most current issues of the active and retired member newsletters as well as back issues dating to the end of 2004 - great resource for those looking for past articles!

Legislative Reviews 
While not every General Assembly will have significant legislation in regards to the retirement system, when retirement related legislation does occur, APERS has published a summary of the legislation that affected the agency and its members. This archive currently houses issues dating back to 2003.

Other Publications 
This section of the archive is reserved for special, one-time publications. It currently has links to a guide for using our online DROP account manager and to a notice explaining some recent changes in the federal tax code that could affect APERS members. 

APERS Annual Financial Reports
While not located on the Publications page, other important publications that can be found on the website are the 2014 APERS Annual Financial Report as well as the current annual reports for the Arkansas State Police Retirement System and the Arkansas Judicial Retirement System. These reports appear on their own special page, which you can access by clicking the link labeled “Annual Financial Reports” on the light-green navigation panel on the left. In addition to the current reports, you can retrieve archive volumes for APERS dating back more than ten years.


Arkansas public employees retirement system

Here you will find information based on your role in our system, whether you are an active member, near retirement, a retired member or an APERS participating employer.