As people grow older, they may need a little more help from their loved ones to get things accomplished. They might need advice on financial decisions, assistance with medical issues, or help with the chores of day to day living. Often times seniors benefit from having a family member act as a go-between with doctors, lawyers, and other professional service providers. However, to allow someone else to act for you, you may need to execute a power of attorney. A power of attorney is a legal document that authorizes someone to act on another person’s behalf in legal, medical and/or business matters.

APERS, like most other professional services, only wishes to help our members and the people who may be trying to assist them. APERS will always do our best to meet your requests when you ask us to do things like use a new mailing address, route payments to a different direct deposit account, or take some other action. Unfortunately, we cannot always be as helpful when it is a third party making the request. In short, unless we have a power of attorney on file for a member there is not much we can do for someone calling on the member's behalf.

For example, before we can handle a request from your son or daughter to change your mailing address, we need to have in our possession a copy of the power of attorney designating that person as the “agent” of your affairs.

A lawyer can advise you on how to delegate specific responsibilities to the holder of your power of attorney and how to impose limits on the authority it conveys. You may also want to seek the lawyer’s advice on appointing an alternate to serve if the original designee is unavailable.

If you already have a power of attorney, it is in your best interest to see that APERS has a copy of it for our files. Occasionally we receive calls from children of incapacitated parents, telling us they have a power of attorney for their parent. But we must have a copy of this document to ensure we are dealing with the person who is legally authorized to handle the retiree’s affairs before we can assist them.

To mail APERS a copy of the power of attorney, please send it to the following address:

Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System 
Attn: Benefit Accounting, 
124 W. Capitol Avenue, Suite 400 
Little Rock, AR 72201

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