How do I start the retirement process?

You can apply for benefits (regular retirement or disability) through the member portal or by filing a written application by mail or in person. For a copy of the application, contact APERS.

When can I apply for retirement benefits?

You can apply for regular or early retirement benefits at least 30 days but not more than 90 days before your requested retirement date (the date of your first annuity payment). If you apply through the member portal, it will restrict you to the appropriate dates. If you use a paper application, you are responsible for filing on time. You can mail your application or deliver it in person, but we will not accept it by fax. If APERS does not receive your completed application at least 30 days before your requested retirement date, you do not have legal recourse for any missed annuity payments.

For information about when to apply for disability benefits see the FAQ on disability.


What documents do I need to retire?

Proof of Age

You must provide proof of your age before you can begin receiving benefit payments. APERS will accept any ONE of the following documents as proof of age:

  •    Birth certificate issued at date of birth
  •    Birth certificate issued at any date before age 5
  •    Baptismal or other church records issued before age 5
  •    U.S. census report issued 1920 or before
  •    Social Security Administration document, other than an application for social security number, that states age or date of birth recognized by SSA.
  •    Valid U.S. passport
  •    Valid Arkansas Enhanced Security Driver's License

-OR- APERS will accept any combination of two of the following documents that agree:

Marriage license which shows age or date of birth

  •    Insurance policy issued at least 10 years prior to current date
  •    Records from family bible
  •    Military discharge
  •    Child’s birth certificate
  •    Application for social security number
  •    Birth certificate issued at date when person was older than age 5 when certified by the appropriate agency.

Additional Documents

In addition to proof of age, you may need to submit other forms or documents. Use the following list to verify if you should submit any additional documents:

  • Members who are married and applying for benefits under the B75 or B50 annuity options must provide proof of age for their spouse (using the same documents as above).
  • Applicants for disability benefits must provide proof of their approval for disability benefits by the federal Social Security Administration.  For more information on requirements for social security benefits, see the FAQ on disability.
  • Elected officials must file a signed Official Affidavit of Compliance.

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