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Change Your Information

Enrollment Change Request - Members submit this form to change their personal data, contact information, and beneficiary information.

Applying for Retirement
Benefit Estimate Request
Retirement Application

Disability Retirement Application
PAW Application Packet - To be completed if you choose PAW
DROP Application Form - To be completed if you choose DROP
DROP Distribution Form - To be completed when you are retiring out of DROP
Elected Official Affidavit of Compliance
Member Requests
Contributory Election Form - A form for existing Non-Contributory Members to elect to become Contributory.

Termination Refund Request Packet -Members who have terminated employment submit this form to request a refund of their employee contributions.

Duplicate Annual Member Statement Request - Members submit this form to request a copy of their last annual member statement.

Reciprocal Service Request
QDRO Language Model


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