Not all APERS members exit their road to retirement at the same point. Some opt to travel to the end of the line and full retirement benefits while others choose earlier exits we'll cover in upcoming blog posts. However, a few members are forced to take an unplanned detour and stop working due to accident, illness, or a similar catastrophe. Fortunately, APERS members who suffer a disabling condition while in service may be eligible for disability retirement.

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A wise traveler doesn’t set out without first consulting a map and considering the safest and most efficient route. Your road to retirement is no different. You might wander into a safe haven, but your chances are far better if you know exactly where you want to go and how you intend to get there. Make sure you arrive at a secure and comfortable retirement by planning the journey far in advance.

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Arkansas public employees retirement system

Here you will find information based on your role in our system, whether you are an active member, near retirement, a retired member or an APERS particpating employer.