The Board of Trustees

The administration and control of the System is vested in a board called the Board of Trustees of the Arkansas Public Employees’ Retirement System (the Board).  The Board of Trustees shall consist of nine (9) trustees, as follows:  the Auditor of State, the Treasurer of State and the Director of the Department of Finance and Administration shall be ex officio members; and three (3) members who are state employees and three (3) who are nonstate employees to be appointed by the Governor for staggered six-year terms.  The Board appoints an executive director to administer the system and manage its personnel and resources.

Board of Trustees

Ms. Candace Franks, Chair
State Employee Representative

Mr. Larry Walther, Vice Chair
Ex-Officio, Chief Fiscal Officer of State

The Honorable David Hudson
County Employee Representative

Mr. Steve Faris
Retired Employee Representative

Mr. Daryl Bassett
State Employee Representative

Mr. Gary Carnahan
Municipal Employee Representative

The Honorable Joe Hurst
Municipal Employee Representative

The Honorable Andrea Lea 
Ex-Officio, Auditor of State

The Honorable Dennis Milligan
Ex Officio, Treasurer of State

Board Regulations

Board Regulations – Pursuant to statute, the APERS Board of Trustees has adopted regulations which implement and clarify APERS’s obligations and operations.  Those regulations generally address APERS’s administration, member and retiree benefits, membership in APERS, service credits allowed, its investments, and its district judge members.  These regulations can and do change as law and circumstances require.  The current APERS Board Regulations can be found here.

Arkansas public employees retirement system

Here you will find information based on your role in our system, whether you are an active member, near retirement, a retired member or an APERS particpating employer.