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Introducing the APERS Blog page. Here we will feature a new entry each week. A lot of the entries will be pulled from previous publications such as newsletters, bulletins, fliers or books, that we feel deserve a second look. Future articles will also include retirement related articles, links and discussion, we hope you will find helpful.

This week's blog is Contributory Retirement Plan Provisions



Handbook nHandbook



10/20/15 - Our updated Publications Page will make it easier for you to find the brochure or newletter issue that you need. And don't forget that we now have complete online copies of our contributory and non-contributory handbooks for your convenience.

9/23/15 - Active Members - We've updated the schedule of filing dates for retirement and DROP applications to run through the end of 2016. To see the full schedule, click on the calendar on the lower part of the green panel at left.

9/01/15 - Active Members - Annual member statements were mailed out approximately two weeks ago. If you did not receive your statement or need a copy, you can request one using our duplicate statement request form which is available on the Active Member Forms page. For more information, see our Annual Statement page and the APERS Blog.

8/25/15 - Employers -The preliminary employer contribution rate effective July 1, 2016 (FY 2017) can be found here and on the Employers Forms FY2016 page.

8/17/15 - Active Members - Annual Member Statements are being mailed out this week to all our members who were active the previous April, May or June (during the fourth quarter of the state's calendar year). More information about annual statements can be found on the Annual Statement page.

8/4/15 - Retirees - A PDF copy of the summer 2015 Retiree Newsletter is available for download on the Publications Page.

8/4/15 - Active Members - A PDF copy of the summer 2015 Active Newsletter is available for download on the Publications Page.

7/27/15 - Active Members - APERS is hosting two retirement-related seminars in August, one in Paragould and one in Little Rock. Visit our Seminar Page for the full schedule and all the details.

7/09/15 - We have updated the PDF versions of the PAW and QDRO brochures that are available for you to view or download from the Publications page.

7/1/15 - Employers - FY2016 forms are now available on the Employers Form page. If you need FY2015 forms click here.

6/16/15 - Employers - APERS provides online resources for GASB No.68 for employers. Additional resources will be added as they become available.

6/08/15 - The last day to register for the June 17th Women's seminar is Wednesday, June 10th. If you wish to attend you can register here.

6/01/15 - Active Members - Many APERS Members make the transition to retirement in July. To help them understand what are some of the services APERS offers our retired members, read this weeks blog titled "Welcome to Retiree Services".

5/05/15 - Active Members - The Retirement Seminar Registration page has been updated to include sessions through November.

4/10/15 - Employers - The April 17th training sessions are full and registration is closed. The good news is there are still openings for the October 16th training. You can get the details and register online here.

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