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Introducing the APERS Blog page. Here we will feature a new entry each week. A lot of the entries will be pulled from previous publications such as newsletters, bulletins, fliers or books, that we feel deserve a second look. Future articles will also include retirement related articles, links and discussion we hope you will find helpful.

This week's blog is APERS Benefit Options: B-75 and B-50



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5/23/16 - 5/23/2016 - The ASPRS Annual Financial Report for fiscal year 2015, as well as the supplemental actuarial report and GASB 67/68 data, is posted on the ASPERS Portal page.

4/21/16 - The AJRS Annual Financial Report for 2015, along with the associated actuarial report and GASB 68 report, has been posted on the AJRS Portal page.

4/18/16 - Active Members - APERS has scheduled seven retirement seminars for 2016, all to be held in Little Rock at State Police Headquarters. CLICK HERE to register, see the schedule, or get more information.

04/07/16 - The APERS Annual Financial Report for 2015, along with the Actuarial report and GASB 67 68 report, have been posted on the Annual Reports page.

03/18/16 - Employers -
The Division of Legislative Audit has completed their audit of the GASB 68 Employer Schedules for June 30, 2015, and there were no changes to the information previously made available. The audited data is available for download on the GASB Schedules page.

03/08/16 - Employers - The Winter 2016 newsletter is now online.

03/01/16 - Employers - Preliminary GASB 68 schedules as of June 30, 2015 for all employers are now available for download on the GASB Schedules page. Note that this is unaudited data.

02/16//16 - Retirees - APERS is now accepting requests for duplicate copies of your IRS form 1099R. If you received retirement, disability, beneficiary, or other benefit payments from APERS during calendar 2015 and did not receive this form by mail or need another copy, you can download the request form from the Retiree Forms page.

02/10//16 - Retirees - W-4P Federal Withholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Payments (required to change federal withholding rate) and the AR4P State Tax Withholding Form (required to change state withholding rate)  has been updated to the 2016 form. Both forms can be found on the APERS Retired Memvber's Form page.

01/26/16 - Retirees - A reminder that 1099 R's will be mailed out before the end of January. We will accept requests for reprints on or after February 15, 2016.

12/09/15Employers – APERS anticipates the final audited June 30, 2015 GASB 68 information needed by employers to be completed by February 2016

12/04/15 - Employers - The final employer contribution rate effective July 1, 2016 (FY 2017) can be found here and on the Employers Forms page.

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